What is Louisiana’s Favorite Food?

 What is Louisiana's Favorite Food?

What is Louisiana’s Favorite Food?


Louisiana, an eclectic and cultural atmosphere with down-home Cajun cuisine is the South’s automatic go-to for all things seafood, artistic and welcoming. Probably best known for its food, its people, its music and colorful Mardi Gras celebrations, Louisiana is primed and ready-to-go with some amazing dining experiences to remember. While it is a challenge to pick just one favorite Louisianan food, there will definitely be enough temptation here for you to pick your favorite Louisiana tongue tickler.


Alligators are not only abundant in Louisiana; they are also considered one of Louisiana’s top protein choices. Some poke fun saying it tastes like chicken (which it does, with a hint of pork and fish to boot). But get this wildlife specialty in the hands of experienced alligator chefs, and watch how these essences come alive with unexpected flavor, texture and boundless Louisiana goodness a mouth simply cannot deny.

Here is a great Fried Alligator Nugget recipe even the most squeamish will love.


Looking to break your fast with a hearty mouth-watering, stick-to-your-ribs Louisiana favorite? Set your breakfast and brunch tables with French Toast’s Big Brother, Pain Perdu. Dive into a beautiful, golden mound of egg-battered, deep-fried bread stuffed with the creamiest cream cheese filling. Top off with homemade preserves, heavy whipped cream or powdered sugar with just a hint of cinnamon. Complete melt-in-your-mouth magic.

Take a peek at what you might be missing!


If you haven’t tried gumbo before, jump on board the gumbo train. Gumbo is one of Louisiana’s mainstay-staples that taunts its ingredients to come play a role. Shrimp, crawfish, alligator are only the beginning of a great gumbo. Toss in some of that good old’ Cajun hot sauce, andouille sausage, chicken, fresh garlic, and vegetables to get one incredible gumbo party started. Serve over white rice or potatoes and have yourself a meal!

Need a gumbo with gumption? Check this out: http://www.food.com/recipe/gumbo-32042


Mardi Gras would never be complete without King Cake. This flaky, festive pastry concoction, colorfully sugared-up to complete satisfaction is one dessert that cannot be missed!

Whether it’s chicken and sausage gumbo or crawfish etouffee or one of Louisiana’s top favorites, fried Boudin Balls, made of encased sausage and rice, there is never a lack of powerful flavors, hungry stomachs or satisfied diners.


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