Ideas for Serving Gulf Coast Seafood at Home

 Ideas for Serving Gulf Coast Seafood at Home

Ideas for Serving Gulf Coast Seafood at Home


Some of my fondest memories come from fishing with my children in the warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico. Today, I still love the fresh variety that these emerald waters offer – shrimp, crabs, fish and oysters. Here are some favorite ways to serve to up this seafood:

Low Country Boil
If you are from a coastal town in the south you have probably enjoyed the tasty, pour-it-all-on-the-table local favorite Low Country Boil. A low country boil is more than a dish – it is an event. Gather friends and neighbors together. Boil (in a strainer pot) shrimp, corn, new potatoes, crab legs and smoked sausage together in beer and Old Bay seasonings. Of course, every family recipe differs a little. Some leave out the crab legs. Others add fresh mussels to their recipe. Garlic, lemon wedges, pearl onions – everything is according to what you love. The great thing about the dish is the serving style. Lift the strainer out and dump all of the food onto a table covered with newspaper. Guests fill their plates from the pile of seafood. Casual and perfect for summer days, a low country boil is easy and fun.

Seafood Gumbo
Cajun and Creole influence bring spicy seafood gumbo to the table. Today, even people outside of Louisiana can enjoy this dish (if they have access to fresh Gulf Coast seafood.) Filled with black and cayenne pepper, hot sauce and seasonings, this dish is spicy. Crabs, shrimp, okra, onions – all of this yummy goodness is served piping hot with rice for a filling, comforting dish. Be warned: This dish takes a long time to make but it’s well worth it.

The thick, firm flesh of grouper has a subtle flavor, making it perfect to pair with sauces, creams and chutneys. Try this tasty fish a number of ways. Grouper served with lemon-basil cream sauce, Florida Grouper Coconut Florentine, or pecan-crusted grouper – you can’t go wrong with this fish. It is great for fish tacos for the kids, too!

Pompano, red snapper, mahi mahi and drum are just a few of the over 900 varieties of fish in the warm gulf waters. There are nearly as many ways to serve the fish as there are fish. Pinterest, Google and are all fantastic ways to find recipes for seafood dishes for the family.

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