Staying Healthy and Being Classy

A Healthy, Classy Gentleman
The old adage, first impressions are lasting impressions rings true whenever our eyes behold a gentleman. We soon notice a gentleman sets high standards for the way he dresses, acts and takes care of himself.

For us, these visual judgments are the difference between a gentleman being healthy and classy and a too casual demeanor that implies lack of self confidence and lower personal standards.

We Always Admire a Gentleman
Our impressions of a true gentleman extend far beyond appearances. We find it simple to accept that certain principles set the stage for practicing good health and class is bred in the bone for some men. For example, good posture, proficiency in sports and the arts combine to form the picture we know of a man who takes time and effort to produce the visual image he knows is impeccable.

We always admire a gentleman who pays attention to detail others miss. He is the man whose standards are borne of higher levels of breeding since childhood. For a gentleman, there is no compromise on these standards.

How Do Gentlemen Stay Healthy and Classy?
It may be said that gentlemen create and design a life course they intend to work toward to achieve successful goals. When we look at those we consider today’s gentlemen, it’s easy to see we also realize they are highly educated and have considerable social grace.

Gentlemen stay healthy by nourishing mind and body equally. This type of balance fits neatly with their classy demeanors. Gentlemen may engage in sports like squash, polo or tennis and perform these with the same social grace they invest in music, art and dance.

Modern Man and Today’s Men’s Lifestyles
Modern man is never oblivious to the need to project the right business and social image. Although men’s lifestyles have changed radically over the past decades, we find gentlemen stay classy by enriching their lives with knowledge of fine dining and are thoroughly educated in choosing fine wines that marry with the cuisines they prefer. This may include classy sports or luxury cars and haute couture attire.

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